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Error 5 during package install, VIPM 2012

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I'm running LabVIEW 2011 SP1 on Win7 pro 64. I just did a complete wipe on my PC of all NI software, and then reinstalled LV2011 SP1 with the toolkits and modules I use. I am now trying to install the OpenG Toolkit and some other packages using VIPM 2012.


The problem I'm having is many of the packages in this toolkit are failing to install. When I look at the VIPM error details, I see every package failure shows Error Code: 5.


This is not limited to the OpenG Toolkit either. I've tried other packages, such as the NI cRIO Modbus Library, and they have resulted in the same error.


The odd part is that some of the packages are successfully installing.


VIPM is able to connect with LV just fine, and when I check the VIPM cache, I see all the packages I'm trying to install.


Please help!





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What brand of AV are you running?


It was Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security v7.0.x. I don't recall the exact version because the AV has been uninstalled by IT since then.

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We had a similar error when installing a package.

However it worked the second time we tried it.


We are going to try to reproduce it and if we get more information we will let you know.


I thought I would share in case other have seen this, that at least in our case, attempting installation again worked.


And yes, the machine had an antivirus: AVG 2013.0.2899.




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