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Problem building a package that renames lvclass files

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I'm having a problem building a package that contains numerous classes. If I do not rename the classes, then everything works. If I manually check "Enable Renaming" in the Source File Settings for each lvclass in the Package's source, then when I start the build I get the following behavior:

1) The initial steps seem to execute correctly

2) After a few moments into the "Preparing Source Distribution ..." phase, the LabVIEW Getting Started Window closes.

3) If I click on the LabVIEW icon in the Windows taskbar, I see a window "OpenG Builder: VI Package Builder.ogbld" show, but Windows tells me that LabVIEW is not responding.


I waited for a while, then closed the OpenG Builder: VI Package Builder.ogbld window and allowed Windows to stop LabVIEW. Then VIPM Builder shows the following error information

There was a problem building MGI Menu Building.


Error Details:

Code: 66

Source: Call By Reference in CE2686EFCF7F45BACD23C8DE52501DA2->26250B1725AED4E833EC38F97E66C870->VIPB_API.BuildAndPackageLibraryFromSpec[Private].vi


I'm using VIPM 2012.0.0 Build 1780

I would like to have the distributed lvclass files have a prefix. Any ideas?




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