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VI Package anager Access Problems

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When installing the Labview Interface for Arduino the following error message pops up.


"Please verify the VI server: Exported VI´s and machine access setting in labview 11.0


Make sure your are allowing access to VIPM by specifying local host in the allowed list."



What is meant by local host? I don't see a local host category in the Tools > Options > VI server Dialog.

What needs to be done to eliminate this error message?



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If you scroll down in VI Server dialog, you will see settings to add localhost as shown in the screenshot at this link: http://screencast.com/t/rgNU6KdS


I've had the same problem, I setted VI Server as you said, and I also refered to the methods showing in "Resolving issues with VIPM connecting to LabVIEW",but it didn't work.

It may be the problem of the installation of VIPM 2012.0.1 or the problem of Labview 2011?

Waiting for your answer.

Thanks a lot.

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