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[minor bugs] In upgrade process

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(some thoughts about the upgrade)


  • I started VIPM (2012.0.1.1814), and VIPM noticed a newer version, I agreed to download and a dialog showing the download progress with an abort button appeared.
    I clicked another program during download, and returned to VIPM via the taskbar. This showed the main screen, not the small download window. I think the download window should be modal
  • In the window that started after the update it's ahrd to spot what version I am installing. It says in bold the currently installed version. The new version is only shown in the title bar window.
  • I get no motivation to upgrade (upgrade notes, improvements etc.)


All in all the upgrade went smooth!




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Thanks for the feedback. We've already addressed item 3 in your list. We now have a button which allows you to pull up the release notes in the update notification dialog. However this was implemented in the new release so you won't see it until the next update. ;)


BTW, the release notes are located here:




The first 2 items will be addressed in the next release, thanks!

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