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issue: TestCase.lvclass has too many depencies

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When I create a test case a whole bunch of VIs appears in the dependencies because TestCase.lvclass needs them. They are too many in my opinion. Opening a TestCase takes too long.


Some Ideas:

  • Create an abstract Test Result
    This is how it is done in Python.
    This class depends on TestSuite.
    • Load dynamically (and buffer?) the current result class in TestCase.lvclass:defaultTestResult.vi
    • Or remove "TestResult.lvclass:Get Test Skip Message.vi" from the class. This VI seems to have the most dependencies. (Also on TestSuite)

    [*]remove the VIs which are not class VIs from the TestLoader.lvclass

    The VIs can be moved to a lvlib or be on their own.

    At least remove getTestsFromTestCaseObject.vi from the class, then TestCase.lvclass does not depend on TestSuite.lvclass

    [*]Maybe you will see more possibilities in the dependency diagram after this is done. I fail now.




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The many dependent VIs are mainly a problem because LabVIEW loads all class VIs (and their SubVIs) when loading a class.

And the dependencies in the LabVIEW project are filled with dependencies only for testing.

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