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Parse arbitrary atributes

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I'm rather new to Labview, and at my new workplace, we have a large existing labview program that I would have to update.


The Part i have to update is an XML parser, currently it uses a list of defaults to go through an XML file.(attached screenshot)


The XML looks like this

 <<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<InstrumentList timeZero="2013-05-15T08:00:00.000">
<Slowrad name="80022" owner="pmodwrc" heaterCurrentRange="3" factoryCalibrationFactor="597.8750" heaterVoltageRange="3" shutterDaqAddress="BIT1" heaterCurrentDaqAddress="DMM2LEV3" heaterVoltageDaqAddress="DMM1LEV3" duration="180000">


However we would like to make a dynamic XMLdefaults VI, essentially a Vi that reads through the XML file and gives an Output like the current VI.


Is this possible with easyxml?







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I will recommend you to try the EasyXML evaluation version available through VIPM.


thanks for the reply.


I can't seem to find an evaluation version of easyxml (though i already installed the jki_lib_easyxml v2.0-1), could it be because I have labview 2010?

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