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"scan for dependency changes" does not detect dependent packages in dependent VIs

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ok. lets see if i can explain this clearly...


  • i am trying to build A.vi into package A.vip.
  • A.vi has a dependency on B.vi
  • B.vi is not in the same folder as A.vi or the .vipb file for A.vip
  • B.vi has a dependency on C.vip
  • In the .vipb for A.vi, when i click "scan for dependency changes", C.vip is not detected as a dependency
  • when A.vip is built, NO files from C.vip are included
  • The workaround is to manually include C.vip as a dependency, but then why am i buying the pro version...

is this expected behavior?

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Good to hear that you're familiar with the issue!


We're starting to migrate our 3k++ VIs into VI packages. This bug is a near-blocker for us at the moment. We can work around it, but it is going to add extra steps to our package validation process and increase the likelihood of bad packages getting out into the wild (and make VIPM look bad sad.gif). We'd appreciate any efforts you could put toward getting this one resolved. let us know if you need any more information or need us to do any beta testing. Thanks!

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I looked closer at this issue reported by JGCode in the thread referenced. That specific issue is actually fixed, so I'm sorry for the confusion.

Your issue might be slightly different. Could you attach some example code that reproduces this issue? Also describe your workflow.

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here is a set of files exhibiting the bug. steps:

  1. extract all files
  2. open package\.vipb
  3. goto "package dependencies"
  4. scan for dependency changes
  5. notice how no dependencies are detected

  • this project has a package dependency on open g time library
  • i'm using VIPM 2013.0.0.1893

my workflow would ideally not allow secondary dependencies like this, but since i am migrating 3k VIs into a hundred or so packages, it is something i'll have to transition through. my migration plan is:

  1. build every tool into a package. leaving all dependencies linked to source code
  2. switch over applications to use packages
  3. update all tools to point from dependency source code to dependency packages (this will take some time)


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