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Bob Schor

Is TortoiseSVN 1.8 "good" with LabVIEW?

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I've been using TortoiseSVN for several years to manage my LabVIEW projects. It has been working so flawlessly for so many years that I am uncertain if I did any "magic" when I first installed it (I think my original client preceded Version 1.6).


I just built a new PC, and installed the latest TortoiseSVN client, Version 1.8.2. Our repositories are still running the 1.7 SVN Services. Tortoise notes that Version 1.8 represents a new format for the Working Copy that is not back-compatible with earlier WC -- as I'm the only user of my Working Copies, this didn't seem to be a serious problem for me, even if different machines I use have different versions of SVN, as I never try to merge the WCs.


I just did my first Update, and saw, to my shock, that Subversion said it was merging some of my changed VIs into my Working Copy. I never saw attempts to merge in the earlier releases -- instead, I would simply get updates or, in rare cases, conflicts (if I'd forgotten to update before making my own changes). In my panic, I accidently deleted the message from Subversion saying which files were "merged", so now I'm unsure what to do.


I'm hoping that someone at JKI, where you have a TortoiseSVN "tool", has looked at the 1.8 client and how it interacts with LabVIEW. Based on my so-far single experience, it appears that it might not be able to tell that LabVIEW files are binaries, hence is trying to treat them as text. It is also possible that the "merge" message is false. I'd greatly appreciate your (collective) expert opinion. I've also posted a note on the NI Discussion Forums, so if you have a Solution or Recommendation, you might consider also posting it there in response to my query.


Thanks for listening.


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob,


I'm still using 1.7 myself and am not sure about the problems you're describing. Can you post a link to your post in the NI forums, so we can follow along there?





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HI we are not able to create svn branch. we are using tortosie svn software. while creating branch its showing not responding.if you dont stop that its going on untill close the tortoise svn. this showing like some branches only not all

iam getting this problem from fast few days.


do uahve any idea please let me know due to this iam facing lot of thing went to stop...please help me

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