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"Build number exists" error in Package Builder

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I'm building a package, frequently, in VIPM Builder. I'm up to Build number 98. Normally the build number auto-increases, but today it stayed the same as it was the last time I ran the builder. Consequently it is popping up an error message "The package "xxxxx.vip" already exists, do you wish to replace it?". If you choose not to replace it, VIPM then stops the build instead of increasing the build number.


The Build number is a disabled field, so I can't change it myself. How do I get VIP Builder to increase the build number and not overwrite an existing output VIP file? (without hacking the XML content)

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Can you move the vip file somewhere else? Then it will continue.

As a workaround, that's what I did. Then built it a second time to get the expected build number and restore the previous VIP file.

This wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't keeping every build, of course, so I guess most users will just choose to overwrite the existing VIP.

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