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VIPC's attached to VIPB

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I used a trial version of Pro to test out the features and to show my managers the usefulness of it. Having a project that deals with many many packages the VIPCs have been very helpful. However I ran across an issue now that my version reverted back to Free.


In many of my VIPBs I auto-detected dependencies. This creates a VIPC file that is associated with the VIPB. That was all fine and dandy when I had the Pro version but now that I am only Free I cannot edit the dependencies in the VIPB anymore. They are all "locked" due to being associated with a VIPC. I tried removing them and manually adding them but when I do it forces the versions to be the same as they were in the VIPC.


How do I disconnect the VIPC from the VIPB so that I can edit the dependencies again?

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