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Custom Category Palette does not install correctly - edits are ignored

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Tools: LV2013/32b, VIPM2013.0.1-1905(free) , Win 7/64b


I have a LVLIB with a polymorphic VI+ its sub instances, which i want to package. For this, I add all the relevant source files - including the lvlib file.

Destination is toolkit, and user.lib (see attachment)


The functions palette is auto-generate for a start, then all but the polymorphic top instances are removed. (want a dense palette with only the essential vi's)

Generate and install.


BUT the installed palette looks like the auto-generated palette before editing. I.e. all the vi's are in the palette - also the instance vi's which were deleted.



What could I be doing wrong her?



If I unselect: palette->Custom Category, then the function palette is correctly installed in the edited version - but I want it to be in User Libraries sub palette. For this I can of course browse for the desired location, but I don't understand why the previously described method should not work as well.

palette support.pdf

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


Also, thanks a lot for compiling the information to reproduce the behavior.


I was able to reproduce the behavior described by you. We have recorded the issue as Case 15317 for us to be able to address in future release of VIPM.


We will notify you when it gets fixed.

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The behavior you are seeing is expected based on how LabVIEW works. In order to do what you want you need to configure the palettes as in the attached screenshot:





The reason is that you had configured the palettes to install in the root of the functions palette, NOT the User Libraries palette.


The pathe selected in the Destination page is the user.lib folder on disk which is autopopulated by labview based on the disk contents. In other words, the palette is created by labview with whatever it finds in that subfolder.


So, in essence you had inadvertently created 2 palettes. One with VIPM and another by labview.


Hope this clarifies things.

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