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GOOP Class Attributes DVR coercion on classes in package.

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Hey Guys,


We seem to have come across a rather strange issue when including a GOOP Class inside of one of our VIPM packages.


It seems as though the ConnectorPane tag inside the .lvclass is not getting updated properly for the DVR of the ClassAttributes. So the DVR coming out of "GetClassAttributes.vi" is not the same as the DVR internal to the vi itself. This is due to the whole class getting a name appended to the end of it during the build process.


I have attached some images and as you can see, using the outputs from the VI (DVR/cluster) a coercion is required. However using those same two wires internally requires no coercion. Also, if I copy the DVR into the external VI, no coercion is needed. Also if I change the location of the DVR control, another one, there is no coercion either.


Let me know if you need any more information.


Thanks Guys!


- Paul

Wineman Technology



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