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Why do I get Error Code 1032 when I try to install some packages?

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Error Code 1032 occurs because LabVIEW's VI Server permissions are not configured correctly for VIPM.


Sometimes the wrong IP is set in the VI Server : Machine Access and inputting in the machine name/address (and allowing access to this IP) occasionally fix the connection issue.




The easiest way to adjust your TCP-IP settings is to let VIPM automatically adjust LabVIEW's VI Server settings while testing the connection (see screenshot, below).




Make sure that in LabVIEW's "VI Server: Configuration" you allow access to "VI calls", "VI properties and methods", "Application methods and properties", and "Control methods and properties" (see below).




And, in LabVIEW's "VI Server: Exported VIs" ensure that you entered a value of "*" (see below).



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