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I downloaded a package (.ogp) file. How do I install it using VIPM?

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You've downloaded a package (.ogp) file from the Internet (or a buddy emailed you a package) and you want to install it, so that you can use it in LabVIEW. Just follow the steps, below:


First, add the package file to your package list by selecting Package>>Add Package(s) to Package List... from the menu (see screenshot, below).




This will cause the package to appear in your package list, if your package is compatible with the currently selected LabVIEW version. If your package is not compatible with the currently selected LabVIEW version, change to a LabVIEW version that is compatible with your package, in order to see it in the package list.


Next, find your package in the package list, right-click on it and select Install. If you have newer versions of this package in your package list, then you may need to select Install Other>> and then choose your package version from the submenu.

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