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Priyadarsini S

vipc not identifying package conflicts

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Hi Team,


I have 2 packages v1 & v2 which are conflicting with each other. So v1 is added as a conflict to v2. Now below are 2 situations.


1. v1 is installed in the computer. v2 package is double-clicked. It identifies v1 as a conflict & shows user that v1 will be uninstalled & v2 will be installed.

2. v1 is installed in the computer. Double-clicked the vipc file which contained just v2 (vipc just contains the reference & not the package - unchecked Store Package In File On Save). It does not show v1 as conflict.


What is the reason for case 2? Why vipc is not identifying the conflicts?


Also what is a spec file? When will it be created?



Priyadarsini S

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