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VIPM 2013 cannot open packages built in VIPM 2014

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It appears that VIPM 2014 packages are not backwards compatible. If you build a package using 2014, opening it with 2013 shows an error saying "This package is not compatible with any LabVIEW version on this computer". This happens, regardless of the LabVIEW versions involved. This seems like it could be a pretty serious problem. If I publish a package using VIPM 2014, I now have to make sure any potential users of that package have upgraded to the latest VIPM, even if they are using an older version of LabVIEW.

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Yes, sorry for the bad wording on the error message. We were limited in what we could do. There were significant enough changes in the installation engine that we had to enforce this restriction.

  • Packages built with VIPM 2014 can only be installed on VIPM 2014 or newer. Package built with VIPM 2014 cannot be installed on versions of VIPM 2013 or older.

VIPM 2014 supports all LabVIEW versions and is publicly available for download.

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