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is there any active development

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I too would be interested in a reply on this question.


From the outside it seems hard to understand where Unit Testing on LabVIEW is going.


The fact there are 2 tools is a little confusing but they are both very different in their nature.


NI have their tool which has some good points but is suffers from:


1) lack of class support

2) Difficulty in flexibly specifiying input and output values for certain data structures

3) Speed (ie it is not particularly fast)


On the other side of the fence is the VI Tester from JKI which is amazing, handles calsses and flexible data types but doesn't appear to be very active (not that I think NI Unit Test is very active either for that matter).


It would be nice to get some sort of an idea about how JKI sees the future. I am trying to figure out where I should put my time. I have learnt how to use the NI Unit Test only to crash into it's limitations and now I am trying to learn the JKI VI Tester only to have another set of struggles. It really doesn't help when the instructional videos show earlier versions that if you follow their steps mean your tests won't be discovered. The difference between a .vit and .vi was not something I knew about previously and had to go trawling the groups to find an answer.


Some feedback would be helpful.

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Just a guess, since no one answers: JKI has no resource to put on it, and might release it as open source (the page https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-VI-Tester already exists, without any code).


The sooner the move to Github is done, the better. It's an excellent product used by industrials (like me) who need support!

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