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Did you try mass compile of the source before building the package?

Yes, I did try mass compile.

I had done a couple of quick builds.


1. VI Templates with VIs that are dependant on a toolkit in vi.lib (namely Structured Error Handler)

Result was unsuccessful.


2. VI Templates only and VIs are not dependant on a toolkit.

Result was successful.


The package contained Template VIs (.vit, .ctt), Xcontrols etc.


Is there anything specific to the toolkit which won't allow a package to be built ?


I even tried adding the toolkit in Package Dependancies in Advanced section.

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The error message is strange because the source of the error is the New VI Library.vi. I can't find where that VI is used in the internals of VIPM - if at all. Are you running a custom pre or post build step in your build process that uses this VI?

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