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Post-Build Error 15

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This is my first attempt to use a Post-Build Custom Action

1) I used the Generate VI button to create the shell VI

2) I added some very simple code to find/set a VI attribute to read-only


During the build I received this error and don't know what to do next?


Error 15 occurred during the Build: Post-Build step.


Possible Reason(s):


(Script VI could not be opened) 13967F6905F236670976AD1488E1267A in




Any suggestions would be appreciated.






VIPM 2014.0.0 (build 1941) Apr 22 2014


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I wanted to let you know the issue I encountered was NOT with my version of VIPM, but related to my use of sub-VIs in my Post-Build VI. In addition, I modified my process to use a Post-Install action instead of the Post-Build to acheive the desired functionality.


I didn't upgrade my Package Manager as I assumed it was related to my process or VIs; it just took a while to isolate the root cause of my issue.


Thanks for the feedback that gave me the confidence to find MY programming error. :D





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