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Package instalation error (Error Code : 14)

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Had trouble installing a package NI Keyed Array Library v2.0.0.11.


Installation crashed halfway through. I had to restart my PC.


Tried to reinstall and got ERROR CODE: 14


Screenshot attached describes the error.


Tried NI support but they referred me to JKI.


Hope someone can point me in the right direction.





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Can you send a screenshot of the contents of this folder:


C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\databases\LV 14.0\ni_lib_keyed_array\


Also, can you try exiting VIPM, deleting this file (below), and then restarting VIPM:


C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\databases\LV 14.0\package database info.pdi2


Note: Please replace "LV 14.0" above with the LabVIEW version your trying to install into. For example, maybe you're installing into "LV 13.0" (2013).

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