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Carmine DErrico

Parse in big XML generated by Testastand

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First of alla I declare that I´m not skilled with XML.


I´ve a big .XML file generated by TestStand.

I have to recognize a special Dataset and not All dataset.


For example in the attached XML I want to extract only the ARRAY from:


TestResultCollection > TestResults > TestGroup > Test.


I tried to build a Labview-Cluster type but at the moment I can´t make this with the Lybraries.


Can you help me with an example?


Thank you.





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With a great work I was able to extract data.

I attach the solution, in order to leave other people to understand.


I think that this library is not very powerful.

For big XML build a Cluster-Dataset is so difficult and you can have very much problem.


in C/C++/Jave there are libraries that allows you directly data extract, for example:




This can be a very good solution.





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Hello Carmine,


I'm glad you figured out the solution -- yes, this is the approach. You're right that it would be nice to provide a more direct way to extract the data of interest, in some cases.



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Hello Jim,


if I buy the full library there is a way for the direct access to XML records without building a data structure?




Hi Carmine,


No, EasyXML requires that a data structure be passed in. However, there are some ways to make EasyXML and your data structures more flexible. If you change one of your clusters (or other any other LabVIEW types) to a string data type and add the "#xml" hashtag to the end (e.g. "TestResult #xml"), then EasyXML will return the data as a string. This is sometimes helpful if your structures have types that can vary.



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