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Duplicate palettes or default palettes

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This is my first attempt at building a package, so excuse my novice-ness. I'm trying to build an Agilent driver into a package. I've set up my builder project, and played with the palettes option a number of times, I get one of two things. Either I get only the default icon on my LabVIEW palette, or I get the desired Agilent icon as well as a default icon. I can't seem to find the right settings that only give me the single desired Agilent icon in the LV instrument drivers palette.


I don't see anywhere in the documentation that gives details on why this is happening or how to avoid it. What am I doing wrong?


Please see the attachments for details.





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My guess is that you are installing the VI files under instr.lib and they are being found there and automatically LabVIEW is creating a default palette set for them. When you specify the installation location for the VIs, try adding an underscore in front of the main folder name, which will cause LabVIEW to ignore that folder (and LabVIEW will only look at the MNU files created by VIPM and not try to automatically add the default palettes for all the subfolders, too).

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I am using VI Package Manager for installer creation. In this project I want to create Multiple Palattes in function palatte menu. The problem is mnu file automatically go inside of the _MaxEye menu so the palattes are not displayed after installation. How can i rectify this issue. please assist me.

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