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Manually Add Packages to vipc

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Hi Guys,


I got the pro edition of VIPM so that I can easily switch between projects without having to worry so much about dependencies.


However I have been creating vipc files but it often seems to miss some dependencies when I scan my projects. In some places I can't explain it (it misses the lavag json library in one project) in others it is a little more understandable (I'm using the Saphir xcontrols and it misses these).


Obviously this is a problem but would be easily solved with an option to manually add packages but this doesn't appear to exist. Am I missing something?




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Hi James,


I've just updated the How to use VI Package Configurations (VIPC) help document to include some info about how to manually add new packages to a VI Package Configuration file. Basically, there's two ways:


You can manually add packages to a VIPC file by dragging & dropping them from the VIPM Main package list into the VI Package Configuration window, as shown below:




Or, you can right-click on the package from the VIPM Main package list and choose Send to Configuration, as shown below:



I hope that helps!

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Also, I should mention that there is another helpful tip: "Pin" packages that are manually added. “Pinning” prevents VIPM from removing the package after a Scan Project, if the package is not found as a dependency.




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