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Packages for Custom EXE

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Hi All,


I am new to use VIPM, I have a requirement and would like to know how effectively I can use VIPM for that, Please find the requirement and questions attached below



I want to create an EXE, which uses plugin based architecture and use the VIPM repository to publish the plugins


1. Is it possible to create packages for which I can specify the destination path with respect to the Custom EXE

Eg. <Custom EXE>\Plugins\..

2. Is VIPM suitable for distributing packages for Custom EXE or is it mainly intended to work only with LabVIEW packages

3. Does the Clients who needs to access the private repository should have VIPM Pro version


Thanks in advance,


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You can use VIPM to distribute EXE files. Now, it all depends how you setup the architecture to make a plugin architecture for your custom EXE.


Yes. For accessing private Repo, user will need VIPM Pro.

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