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Steen Schmidt

Package will install with less than required dependency version

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I've noticed that packages will install without complaint when all dependency packages can be found, but even if these dependencies are of lesser version than the minimum required as specified by the top-level package. I thought that VIPM would complain during install of such a package, if the minimum requirements of dependency versions weren't achieved? Why else include version in the dependencies list?




A.vip specifies a dependency 'B.vip >='. A.vip will install happily even if B.vip is only available in version for instance. I'd expected VIPM to tell me "Missing dependency" in this case.




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We were not able to reproduce the behavior.

We tried using the available packages in VIPM and setting up the dependency for version mismatch. Package was built successfully and during the package installation, we received the message to update the dependent package and that was also installed successfully.


Can you help understand your scenario better?

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