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Error 7 when trying to download package.

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I used to have VIPM 2012 working flawlessly with LV2012. This new problem occurs when I try to download a package with VIPM 2014 on a newly configured computer, running with Windows 7. The error code 7 shows up after VIPM fails to download the package, with the following detailed information


Main Package Name: openg.org_lib_openg_toolkit v4.0.1.9
Package Name with Error: openg.org_lib_openg_toolkit v4.0.1.9
Error Message: VIPM could not download the package openg.org_lib_openg_toolkit- from the remote server.
Error Code: 7
Error Source: ZLIB Open Unzip Archive__ogtk.vi in EED56FA0C4F55E77EEBE36176CE1C33B->7773F18C47B7FC71CA4BAECE7A2EA962->OGPM Class.lvlib:CD51A92C2C25771313A68E451CAA1620:2760001->OGPM Class.lvlib:707BE83FFDD028FEF8709673F29DCA3C->532E719EF4833FD7F3F3D218E8A77F77->VIPM Main Window.vi


Actually this happens to each package I selected so I believe something is not properly configured in either VIPM 2014 or my computer.

Any of your help would be greatly appreciated.

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HI Ashish Uttarwar



When i try to install my package in LabVIEW 2014 the error code 7 will appear. How can i rectify that. Suppose am try to install the same library file in LabVIEW 2012 means the build process will be stoped and display the error 66. How can i rectify these error.

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Hi Ashish


When I Install the Installer in another system the underscore project folder same as the project name automatically created. i.e My project name ZigBee means _zigBee folder automatically created in that same folder. Inside of that folder niRFSG.dll file is present. How can i remove this file from my project.

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