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State Machine License

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Is there a good reason that the JKI State Machine isn't licensed under BSD, or LGPL?


I'm sure JKI has their reasons to have a custom licence agreement, and that is their right. But some things in that standard JKI agreement seem odd when applied tho the State Machine Template. It has a section in there for High Risk Activities (section 5.2) saying you should not us the State Machine Template on any application that failure of the software could lead to death, injury, physical, or environmental damage. If I'm a lawyer I'd say that basically means I can't use this template to do anything that interacts with the real world. Need to control a power supply? Nope, it could cause injury or damage if the power supply is hooked up wrong.


I'm working on a sensitive program at the moment and they are looking at the reuse packages being used. They haven't said the JKI template is a problem, but if they are going to push back it will be because of this.

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Hi, Brian. This is a timely question.


JKI recently announced several open source projects, here: http://jki.net/open-source


The JKI State Machine is one of them and will be released under the BSD license. We've actually already put the source code on GitHub.


We'll be releasing the package on vipm.jki.net for installation with VIPM, shortly.

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