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Problem with testing double arrays

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I have an example VI I would like to test with the VI Tester. It is basically useless, but it provides an example of how one of my other VIs work, and I would like to test it.




Obviously, this will result in double precision error, since it's difficult to get a constant to represent for example 10/3 or 10/6. I know adding a value to the "delta" input in the test VI works when you're comparing one double value to another, but what if I want to test a whole array like this? I tried to add an array of double precision "1.0" to the delta input, as well as a single constant of it. Both produced error 91, "Variant To Data in TestCase.lvclass:passIfEqual.vi->DivideArray_TestCase.lvclass:test_B_OK.vi".


Does anybody have a solution for this?


I already read this post, but couldn't find it useful: http://forums.jki.net/topic/1933-issue-with-comparing-1d-double-arrays/?hl=array


Thank you


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Hi Ashish,


I tried your solution, but found that if there was an error which was not at the last element (e.g. switch the 5 with a 3 in the second element), the error wouldn't show in the VI Tester. However, if you replace the tunnels with shift registers, the errors follow through, and I can use it. Thank you!

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