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Real Time Unit Testing

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Hi Guys,


I've been using VI Tester for all of my desktop testing and am now moving to some real time code.


I'm having some issues though. I'm still not sure how I eventually got the tests to display in the test runner. Also it appears to run all of the tests under Windows, not terrible except now my classes are in memory there too so I cannot edit them.


Am I missing a fundamental step for RT testing? Is there a guide anywhere?




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I have the same question regarding RT support. I've tried running Test Suites and Test Caseson my RT target with no success:

  • When running Test Suites - always 0 test cases run and no error
  • When running Test Cases - error 7 is generated when discovering class methods

I have a feeling that RT is not supported by JKI VI Tester, so there is a room for improvement.

All the best,


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