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Labview Arduino toolbox & linux

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Is it possible to use VIPM 2014 with Labview Run Time Engine 2014?


On a Linux PC I have Labview 2014 installed and would like to use the Labview Arduino Toolkit which seems to be installed via VIPM. On running ./vipm in the apprpriate directory the error below is displayed:


Can't find library liblvrt.so.13.0
Make sure this library is installed in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH
search path, or in /usr/lib


Can the 2014 Labview Run Time Engine be used instead or is it possible to install the Labview Arduino Toolkit manually?


Best regards,



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VIPM 2014 needs LabVIEW 2013 Run Time Engine. You can download and install the LabVIEW 2013 Run Time Engine separately from NI website.

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