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How do I configure VIPM to use a proxy server?

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VIPM has the ability to connect to the Internet through a proxy server (Note: most standard proxy servers are supported, but not those that use NTLM [a proprietary, Microsoft] authentication scheme -- if your proxy uses NTLM, you might consider using an NTLM local proxy). In order to do this, you will need to know the proxy server’s hostname and (TCP) port, and enter this information into the Internet Preferences page of the Preferences dialog. Commonly, the hostname and port is specified in the format servername:port. For example, this could be specified in a format like those shown below:






You can find out if your network has a proxy server (and what its name and port are) from your IT department. You can also find out this information by looking at the connection settings of your web browser. Some web browsers use an auto-configuration URL for proxy setup. If your web browser uses an auto-configuration URL, try entering this URL into your browser’s address bar and looking at the resulting information. If you may see something like the following:


PROXY www.yourcompany.com:8080


You can try copying this into the VIPM.

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