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"All source files must be closed"

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I'm encountering an error when trying to build a package with VIPM 2014.


VIPM will report that


"In order to build your VI Package, all source files (for example, VIs or CTLs) must be closed within LabVIEW. Please review the following VI list and make sure they are closed.

Note: If you continue to see this message, you may have some VI Package source files on your (Copy/Paste) clipboard or they are [sic] may be called by other VIs that are open in LabVIEW".


I have tried completely shutting LabVIEW down. Rebooting the PC. Clearing the clipboard. Checking the files will run and have all required dependencies and now I'm completely out of ideas?

I'm getting quite a few files doing this and I can't seem to determine what is different with these files to others.


I can get the package to build if I select "Do not compile on build" but this isn't particularly ideal. It is also causing some other issues I will post in a new topic.


VIPM 2014

Win 7 Pro 32 bit


Any thoughts/ideas?



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