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"Do Not Compile On Build" duplicates files?

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To get around an issue I'm having (http://forums.jki.net/topic/2635-all-source-files-must-be-closed/) I need to check the "Do Not Compile On Build (Not Recommended)" check box for some files. When I do this however, VIPM creates two copies of the file when it installs the package. One which preserves the folder structure of where it was packaged from and one which is just chucked in the top directory of the installed package folder.


Having two copies of the files in the vi.liv directory is then causing me to have "conflicts" I need to resolve. Am I doing something incorrectly or is this a bug with VIPM?


Thanks for any help.

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Probably should have said, I am running VIPM 2014 with Win 7 Pro 32-bit.


The code I am trying to package is a simple folder of VIs. No projects, libraries or classes.

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