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Package Build Fail if VIM Dependency

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Update from JKI: This issue is planned to been fixed in VIPM 2018.

So I can successfully build packages with VIMs in them. But I found that if I need to make a package, that depends on a package, which contains a VIM, the build will fail.


First install the hooovahh_array_vims- package. Then try to build the File IO package, which at the moment only contains one VI. If it is like my setup the build will fail with this error.


VIPM Build Fail.png


If I remove the VIM dependency by replacing it with the OpenG one the build is successful.

Build Fail VIM Dependency.zip

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5 minutes ago, EERPCV said:

We are having issues building packages with vim dependencies in LV2017.


Requesting early access to VIPM 2018.

What version of VIPM do you have?

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