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Can't find VI Tester on Mac (direct download link?)

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1 minute ago, trobertson79 said:

On my MacOS machine, VIPM can't find JKI VI Tester and all of the weblinks are vipm:// links and don't seem to work on MacOS.  Is there a plan old download link for vi tester .vip file?

Hi Thomas. I'll do my best to get you going.

First off, which version of LabVIEW are you using?

The issue could be related to the fact that the latest version of VIPM for Mac is an older version of VIPM.  And, yes, the vipm:// weblinks don't work on MacOS, unfortunately.

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It worked.  Only issue is when opening the visual tester it looks for some stuff from registry.llb (or dll I can't remember) and I have to ignore it, but the tester ran fine after ignoring those files.

VI Tester MVA MacOS.png

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That's great!  If you mass compile (Save All) the code, does it continue to ask about registry.dll?  You may need to Ctrl+. to stop the VI Tester UI and then do a Save All. Or, you can mass compile the installation directory.

Thanks for letting me know.

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