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VIPM 2017 for Mac won't Launch: Error 8 after Splash Screen

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Having dragged VIPM to Applications, it opens, throws its splash screen, then throws a dialogue box "Error 8 occurred at New File This error code is undefined etc... (Continue)(Stop)(Why not found?)"

Thinking it may be a permissions issue, I moved VIPM to a folder, and ensured I had Write permissions in the folder- and got the same error...

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Tom

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@tomlawton oops, you're right.

I just tried installing on a clean Mac and I get the following:


I typed in my password and then VIPM launched just fine (and on subsequent launches without typing in my password).

Question: Is your user account an admin account?

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@Jim Kring Interesting... Yes, it's an Admin account...

I see you're using Open Scripting Architecture.... I wonder if I have to enable something for that to work, in these paranoid days.....? I never got a security prompt on first run- well.. actually... tell a lie.. I did get the "Unidentified Developer"  warning, and I had to permit VIPM to be run, on first run only of course.....

(Running MacOS 10.12.6, btw)

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