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Walter Gunter, Jr.

Unable to connect to VI Package Network/cannot install software package

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need some help figuring out why I cannot connect to the VI Package Network or Labview TOols network (I am getting an error on refresh)

also,  i can search for a program, and when i install it,  Labview launches, but then nothing happensl; no software installed...

any guidance, thoughts?

i verified my VI Server settings and my Labview settings.

- no proxy, network timeout 60 (also tried 60000)

-VIPM Labview 2017 Port - 3365

-LabVIEW 2017 VI Server Port - 3365

-LabVIEW 2017 VI Server ; Machine Access (, localhost, *)


Any thoughts?


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I had followed those steps prior and didn't notice a difference, but i Just checked and seems to be working.  (I did do a full uninstall and install of LabVIEEEW and all components just to make sure on some other issues I was having 

I just have:

  • *
  • localhost

Do you think I should add my ip address and machine name just in case?

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