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Path changing during package compilation

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I'm french user of VIPM and i'm trying to build a package. This is a driver and a wrapper on a DLL.

The project includes a lvlib and i have added the DLL in a private virtual folder.

Before VIPM conpilation, the DLL is referenced in the lvlib as : <Item Name="bb_api-32.dll" Type="Document" URL="../Private/bb_api-32.dll"/>

After compilation, in the lvlib : <Item Name="bb_api-32.dll" Type="Document" URL="../../../../../../../../../../Documents/Drivers/.BB Series x32/Private/bb_api-32.dll"/>

I don't understand why VIPM modify the file path and why it add a dot before "BB Series x32.

Thank you so much for your help.




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Hi Guillaume.  When VIPM builds a VI Package, it makes a copy of your source folder right next to it and with a "." in front of the name. So, the ".BB Series x32" folder is that temporary copy of your "BB Series x32" source folder.  I'm not sure why the DLL path is getting messed up. One possible work-around is to dynamically load the DLL by passing in the path to it yourself -- the CLFN supports passing in the DLL file path. Maybe that could be a good solution?


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Hi Jim,

Thank you for reply.

I already use passing the path to the DLL call node before writing this post. 

One strange thing is When i call the DLL directly from the node and don't add it in the project. There is no problem but i can't use this method because the dll need dependancies and they are not always installed on the customer computer. If i add the dll in the project, it's path is modified.

For the moment, i decide to have to edit the lvlib manually after installing the package. Maybe i can build a VI to do it with LabVIEW scripting.


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