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Inteactive Mode and Custom Colors

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not sure if I'm misunderstanding but what's the use of "I want different colors" and "allow interaction" ?

I don't see any different behavior when clicking on the UIs in "interactive" and non-interactive mode (colors do work).

I also don't understand the colors, when dragging a UI to a FP (with different color) it changes back to default colors on the FP.

Also "Allow interaction" - checkbox and left color box collide (see picture).

Last but not least: how do you exit interactive and color mode? I had to restart LabVIEW.




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Hi @Christoph. Thanks for letting us know -- these easter eggs do need some attention.

The custom colors don't actually change the ones that are dropped. That's a bug and we're looking at how best to implement a fix.

Here's how the Allow Interaction is supposed to work. For example, you can click to toggle the buttons/etc.


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Hi guys,


  • @Christoph, you can press Ctrl+R to re-initialize the Palette. That will exit the interactive and color modes.


  • I just noticed another bug using these easter eggs (see video attached).

Here is what I did: I first changed the colors of the controls (works well, very cool feature 😊) and then I "allowed interaction" to have a better idea of how these controls would behave on the front panel. After doing that, I selected the JKI Flat UI 2.0 theme inside the Palette and noticed the controls did change color, but I couldn't click on them. I then tried the same thing with my own controls (that I previously added to the Palette) and same problem, I couldn't click on them. In this case, they also wouldn't change color when I moved my mouse pointer over them. 





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