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Can't install VIPM on RHEL8/LabVIEW 2019

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The problem is with loading the LV2015 run-time supplied with vipm-17.0.2018-linux, which I tried to install on LV2019 Full for RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.

There are verification errors, easily dealt with running "sudo rpm -i --nodigest labview-2015-rte-15.0.1-11.x86_64.rpm",
and Most of the the other items (eg. nicurli) which refuse to install because the version 2019 .so libraries are newer can have appropriate
soft links added.

However, there is a basic architectural problem with nisvcloc.

Trying an install ( as the script would, except it needs "--nodigest" ) as: rpm -i --nodigest nisvcloc-

Yields an error as:
"error: Failed dependencies:
    nisvcloc < 18.1.0 is obsoleted by (installed) ni-service-locator-"

WIth "rpm -ql nisvcloc-15.0.0-1.noarch.rpm" , the files are:


Since the new ni-service-locator is a daemon under systemd, a simple soft link or manually adding the directories/files are not options.
The daemon executable is /usr/sbin/nisvcloc.

There isn't any directory structure as shown above for the nisvcloc rpm file at all.
IS there a workaround to install VIPM 2017 on RHEL 8 ?

Or do I need to wait for a new release to support LabVIEW 2019 Full for Linux ?

Thanks to all for your time in reading my post.


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missing directory structure

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I am having the same experience using openSUSE.  When installing the LABVIEW 2015 RTE, there is this message:

error: Failed dependencies: nisvcloc < 18.1.0 is obsoleted by (installed) ni-service-locator-

Does anyone have a workaround for this?

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