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VIPM General Question

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I work for a company that is very tight with what we can and can't install. It's really a huge pain in the behind. 

I am always looking to improve what we are doing and trying to make things more automatic and simplified for our developers. 

If I download VIPM and develop something, for another to use it they all have to have VIPM and the same packages is that correct? 

How do companies that manage to successfully use VIPM handle the installation and propagation of packages to all their developers? 

We typically don't build applications but are always reusing old projects and code to speed up the development process. 

Thanks for any pointers. 

-- Kellen


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Hi Kellen,

There are a couple good solutions: VI Package Configuration files and VI Package Repositories.

Yes, installing packages, will install the required VI's beneath the LabVIEW folder -- that's sort of how LabVIEW works, and it's definitely a pain for many users, especially when IT has to be  involved 🙂

There's a good article on using packages in your project, here.


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