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Relative path for Build Output Directory

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Is there a way to give the VI Package Builder a relative path for the "Build Output Directory" and the "Source Directory" (in Build Information)? I try to build a package by calling a LabView executable that is using the VIMP API. I need to set a relative paths because the project is checked out from Gitlab into a temporary folder that will be deleted after the build process finished.

I tried all kinds of path formats but can't make it work and always get the following error message:

There was a problem building Test_Project.

Error Details:
Code: 1430
Source: Ordner erstellen in VIPM Create Dir if Non-Existant.vi->12585F9C94A7D59D3E260C29C9C1E906->161DA2F058D709ED4354707005A11FC0->31D8663ACFF1819471D28090923FC176->VIPB_API.BuildAndPackageLibraryFromSpec[Private].vi:6610005->VIPB_API.BuildAndPackageLibraryFromSpec[Private].vi.ACBRProxyCaller.B8C000B4<APPEND>

Maybe there is a way so set the new path after the checkout but I can't see a way to do it.

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