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Cross posted on LavaG, but was not getting any replies.  So lets try here.


I am using the newest version (2020.1) of VIPM, but I had this same issue with the release of 2020.

For two of the packages that I have created for internal repos, VIPM has decided that I need a System Package.   The posts I have seem from JKI indicate that this is a sub-package that is used internally to the main package, and should be automatically included.

However, after I am seeing issues on any PC other than the PC where the package was built.

Is there a setting I am missing?


Showing the (System) package as a dependency:



Package Configuration in the VI Package Configuration Editor




Package installed, on the PC where the package was initially created (no issues, no exclamation mark)






Package when installed on another PC (NOTICE: the System Package name has changed and there is a red exclamation mark, but there are no errors shown on install of the package).






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Hi There.  I think you may need to also (separately) publish the system package to the repository, too, in order for it to be correctly downloaded/found by repository clients. Please try that, and let me know if that resolves the issues for the clients.

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Publishing the System Packages did solve the issue. 


 In order to find the System Packages to publish, I had to check the "Show sub-packages" in the VIPM Options > General tab.



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