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Please reserve ~10 pixels left in VIPM button bar as not a button so window can be moved

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This is a minor annoyance, but one I wish would go away if it is easy to change.

Because I change my monitor resolutions regularly, I frequently end up with windows that are only partially on screen. When VIPM ends up in that state hanging off the right edge of my screen, I cannot move it back on screen because there's no visible area that I can click on to drag the window. Right now, I have to resize the window wider, enough to get to the far right of the buttons, move the window, then size it back down.

Suppose the rectangle shown in red is the only visible region of the window. I would like it if the blue box on the left of the button bar was not part of any button so I could click there to move the window. It can still be white -- no need to color it -- just make it not a left-click hit region.



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