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Distribute package with another package

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I would like to ask question about distributing package with another package which is unpublished. Essentially, we are creating LabVIEW Toolkit which uses an unpublished package https://forums.ni.com/t5/Reference-Design-Content/Dictionary-Library-Key-Value-Pairs/ta-p/3537786?profile.language=en. As far as I know there is no license, so we can include it as subpackage in our toolkit. My question is whether it is possible to somehow include it in VI package build, so that it will install with it?

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Hi there.  Hmmm, there are several possibilities.

1) Remove the external package dependency (in VI Package Builder >> Dependencies setting)

You can make a package an *internal* dependency in the VI Package Builder (go to the dependencies page and remove it from the list of dependencies, and then VIPM will transparently build those VIs into your distributed package)

2) If the VIs in that library are kept beneath your VI Package Source Folder, then VI Package Builder should build them into your package. You'll want to be sure they get "namespaced" differently (by renaming the lvlib or putting the lvlib inside another lvlib for your tool) so that the library's VIs don't collide with an installed version of that library on the end user's development machine.

3) Also, I see there are newer versions of this tool available and one is available in VIPM.

Tree-API << this is a VI Package, but I don't think it's hosted on vipm.io

Tree Map << this is the newest and *is* available on vipm.io for installation with VIPM

Would upgrading to use the Tree Map work for you? Then you could just make this a dependency that your end users will be able to install.

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