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VIPM 2020.3 - Recognise as malicious software by AntiVirus

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Hi @Mosin

Thanks for letting us know. To my knowledge, you're the first report of this.

I see that Paloalto Cortex uses AI to determine the likelyhood of a threat. So, it could simply be that nobody has trained it on VIPM 2020.3 yet 🙂

That said, I'd like to learn more.

Can you post more details, like a screenshot or copy+paste of the report?

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Thank you for getting back. Yes, it could just be a false positive, that I am unlucky to hit.

The details of the reports is:

Application Information:
Source process ID: 17712
Source process name: VI Package Manager.exe
Source application location: C:\Program Files (x86)\JKI\VI Package Manager\VI Package Manager.exe
Source process command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\JKI\VI Package Manager\VI Package Manager.exe"
Source application version: 2020.3.0.2532
Source application publisher: JKI
Source application signers: James Kring, Inc.

Prevention Information:
Prevention date: 10. december 2020
Prevention time: 16:48:25
OS version: 10.0.18363.
Component: WildFire
Cortex XDR code: C0400055
Prevention description: Suspicious executable detected
Verdict: 2
Quarantined: True
Post-Detected: False
Hash: F0F72FE0796C9B8E9378241AEE3BCE0256E1AE1178C6DB5F71DBCFC5E097959E
Additional information 1: C:\Program Files (x86)\JKI\VI Package Manager\VI Package Manager.exe
Additional information 2: F0F72FE0796C9B8E9378241AEE3BCE0256E1AE1178C6DB5F71DBCFC5E097959E
Additional information 3: F0F72FE0796C9B8E9378241AEE3BCE0256E1AE1178C6DB5F71DBCFC5E097959E
Additional information 4: 2

Which does not really tell me anything.

If I lookup the Hash for the process as given in the report, I find the following report from Virustotal:


Which indicate that it is not just Cortex that detects the exe as suspicious.

I do not know how to read the details of the report though, so I can not see how I might be able to resolve this.

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Since there does not seem to be any actual security issue it could be just a waiting game.

I think my IT department might be able to submit the executable for reevaluation or as a false positive, I will see if I can get it fixed that way. 

Thanks for the help.

Edited by Mosin
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