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vipm.io: "Release New Version" button

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If user has claimed toolkits on vipm.io, there is visible button "Release New Version" at the toolkit's home page.

What does it actually do? Does it allow to immediately publish the updated version of the toolkit, or it sends it for the review to NI?

Because now in order to do update of the toolkit we could also send it via special form to NI, they do some brief review, and then publish updates. Does "Release New Version" do the same thing? Or, it depends on the type of repository where the toolkit is hosted - like, if it is hosted at LabVIEW Tools Network repository then we need to send it to NI, if it is some open source toolkit then we could publish it directly?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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That button/form is for publishing open source packages to the VIPM community repository. Some of the packages on VIPM.io are hosted on the NI tools network repository. You’re right that those buttons should probably be disabled for commercial packages hosted on the NI tools network.

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