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VIPM Browser: "New Releases", "Most Starred", "Most Installed" views

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I've tried to press "New Release" button in VIPM Browser, and noticed the following.

After it has retried information (it took some time, but I guess that's OK) - first time I've seen the same list as at vipm.io. Then I've pressed button "back" in the left upper corner, and then again button "New Release". And then it showed something completely else:


So there was toolkit which is installed internally, and is not published.

Also, there are items without names in the list:


When I click on that row, it shows details window which is empty. Could it be those so-called "System" toolkits which are sometimes installed along with the toolkits?

As the reference, let me attach screenshot of the current "New Release" packages at vipm.io


It seems that for some reason, it started to display locally installed toolkits, or something like that. Restart of VIPM and VIPM Browser didn't help...

I've tried also "Most Starred" button. The first page seems to be fine, but when I've scrolled down - there was the following item.


ANV Quick Drops - we didn't publish this toolkit, so it can not have stars (because this feature is available on web just).

"Most Installed" button - first times it showed proper views, but then it started to show this toolkit as the most installed:


But when I click on it, it shows another information about number of installations:


Seems that there are some bugs with these views...

Thank you very much,

Sincerely, Ivan.


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