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What is the difference between the Community Edition and Professional Edition?

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Update: Since this content was published, We've released VIPM Pro 2012 which includes all of the features described below, and more, in a new lower price. Click here to compare editions.


VIPM Community Edition is freely available and offers a variety of features:

  • Apply VI Package Configuration files created using VIPM Professional Edition.
  • Check for new versions of packages (package updates) automatically or on-demand.
  • Configure and manage multiple LabVIEW installations.
  • Check for new versions of VIPM automatically or on-demand.
  • Automatic access to all OpenG packages.
  • Automatic handling of OpenG Sourceforge Package mirrors. You can configure preferred mirror and alternate automatic choices.
  • Built-in text searching capability to locate packages quickly.
  • Package grouping by specific attributes.
  • Single button package installation.
  • Automatic package dependency resolution.
  • Built-in package version control. Easy upgrade or downgrade to specific package version.
  • Cross-Platform support -- VIPM works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

VIPM Professional Edition is a paid product, and includes powerful configuration management tools such as:

  • The new Package Configuration Editor user interface,
  • Save Load and Apply Package Configuration files.
  • Scan your LabVIEW Project to determine package dependencies.
  • Support for non-networked computers by including the packages in Package Configuration files.

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