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error code 10

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Hi !


I'm working on a Power Mac G4 , MAC OSX 10.4.10, with Labview 8.2.1.

I'm trying to install the openG packages with VIPM 1.0. I've achieved to install a few packages, but I'm unable to install most of them. I can't install the oglib package, the ogrsc package, and picture3d.

An error messages appears :


Error code 10


Has anyone an idea how to solve this problem??


Kind Regards




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Hi Boris,


I'm sorry to hear that you're having troubles.


Error 10 is a File IO Error caused by trying to create a file or folder that already exists. Perhaps it is also caused, due to a file permission issue.


Can you please send us the most recent error log file located in the ./error/ folder beneath your VI Package Manager installation?


Thank you,



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Hi, this topic is 11 years old, but I'm having a similar problem with a package I'm trying to build. I'm getting the same error (10), and if i exclude two particular files from the build it goes away and builds successfully. I tried to find the ./errors directory but can't locate it, has its location changed in the intervening versions between the original post and now?

I should note I'm running LV2017 on  Windows 7 instead of Mac.


Error Details:
Code: 10
Source: Error 10 occurred at New VI Library.vi

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW:  Duplicate path.

Error Conditions:
Create Target File error:
File Path: <Not A Path>


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And one last update, sorry about the three posts in a row. I noticed that the malleable VI common to all the VIs failing the build also called malleable VIs within itself (part of the same set). Apparently it doesn't mind building malleable VIs, as long those malleable VIs don't contain other malleable VIs.

Luckily for me, in this case, I only had one level of embedded malleable VIs. I solved the issue by replacing the embedded malleable VI its contents (it was a pretty small VI so this wasn't disruptive on the BD). I imagine it this could be a larger issue for someone who built a highly embedded malleable structure and wanted to try and build a package.

Is this a bug or is there something about malleable VIs that make them incapable of being built into packages?

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Thanks for reporting the issue. We have forward this to our team to take a look at. We cannot promise on when the fix will be released.

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